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If you’ve ever experienced wrist pain where you can no longer play sports, type at your computer, or even sleep, you know what it’s like to be at your pain’s mercy.

Understanding wrist and hand pain is complicated. It can be hard to know what caused pain, but even harder to know how to overcome it and prevent pain from returning. 

Wrist pain and movement improves more quickly when treated holistically, or interdisciplinary. This means treating your wrist pain and condition by using multiple methods of treatment at the same time. In other words, properly getting to the bottom of wrist and hand pain means putting together all of the factors known to influence your recovery. At PeerWell, we call these the “Five Pillars of Health”. 

But where can you easily access a recovery that isn’t just about having surgery, taking medication, or going to a few physical therapy sessions? Where can you get holistic care that addresses the root cause of your pain, all in one place? 

Introducing PeerWell’s Wrist Pain Conservative Care Program

PeerWell’s Wrist Pain Conservative Care Program is an at-home digital program from your own mobile phone, tablet, or computer. PeerWell Health also offers one-on-one telehealth doctor visits, and guided physical therapy sessions. 

By spending just 10-15 minutes with your custom digital recovery program, and having specialty doctor visits, you’ll be offered complete care for your wrist that lasts. With PeerWell, all of your doctor’s visits and treatment is done completely from home.

As a Wrist Pain Conservative Care Program patient, you’ll access:

  • A 10-week guided treatment via your phone, tablet or computer
  • An exercise program to match your progress and pain level
  • Progress-tracking tools to measure range of motion and see how far you’ve come
  • One-on-one telehealth doctor visits
  • Weekly physical therapy from home
  • A dedicated Care Coordinator to support you and help organize your healthcare

PeerWell is right for you and your wrist pain if…

You’re suffering from:

  • Sprains, strains, cysts and contractures
  • Tendonitis or overuse syndromes (like DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis and other sprains and strains)
  • Trigger finger of any digit
  • Ganglion cysts
  • Arthritis of the thumb (Basilar (CMC), arthritis of the finger (proximal and distal interphalangeal joint) AND/OR
  • Nerve-related conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome.


  • You want to see a doctor ASAP for your wrist pain.
  • You want to treat stress or anxiety.
  • You think you’d benefit from daily guidance from home and care that targets the root cause of your pain.

How you’ll benefit from our at-home program

Thousands of patients have chosen PeerWell to treat their pain and make a full recovery. There are many benefits to having at-home treatment—especially when you can access the best doctor’s for custom care.

Benefits of an at-home wrist pain program + telehealth doctor visits: 

    • Take care of all of youReceive an at-home daily plan designed to reduce your pain based on everything affecting your condition. This means a guided exercise program, diet tips and recipes, and even stress relief. 
    • Avoid extra travel, time-off work or child care- Through telehealth, you’ll access the best healthcare and treatment at your convenience. No long drives, gas money, parking tickets, added risks of COVID, or babysitters required.
    • Access the best doctors for you- Meet with the best physical therapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and behavioral health providers from across the country. Location is no longer a factor.
    • Total recovery in one place- All of the physical therapy, exercises, lessons, tips, recipes, and more that are proven to help you recover faster and reduce pain, are at your fingertips. No more googling or trying to find good local experts. 
    • Feel better faster- Let’s face it, pain and recovery is tough! Get the support you need with proven content from top experts and daily guidance.

    A Sneak Peek of PeerWell’s NEW Wrist and Hand Pain Conservative Care Program

    Here’s a snapshot of a day in your custom program:







    Follow along and perform this guided exercise with our physical therapist, Britni Keitz, using only elastic bands:

    Check out a preview of a pain 101 lesson that teaches about the stress and pain you’re in:

    Here’s a lesson that teaches about the role of nutrition in pain reduction:

    Here’s what a guided stress-reducing exercise may look like:

    Ready for your complete at-home wrist program with one-on-one doctor visits? Register to become a PeerWell Health patient and enjoy a complete, guided recovery. Register now. 

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