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Support employees and hit your organizational goals.

Deliver better, more seamless care to your workforce. Get your employees healthy and back to work faster while preventing future injury.

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Employers spend more on musculoskeletal disorders than any other condition with annual direct costs of $20 billion USD (indirect $100B per year). 1

1. Source:

PeerWell Evidence Based Programs

A complete musculoskeletal recovery

PeerWell’s suite of solutions address the full continuum of care for complete musculoskeletal recovery—from pain through complex surgery. PeerWell’s digital programs cover conservative care and surgery optimization.

What Others Are Saying

“PeerWell has perfected a surgery optimization app-based platform to assist injured workers, for whom orthopedic surgery is recommended, to achieve full mobility and functionality as safely and quickly as possible. This provides for timely return to work with reduced claim costs, improved patient satisfaction and enhanced productivity for the employer.”—Dr. Steve Wiesner, Former Kaiser Director for Workers’ Compensation

“Thanks! It was a great app, I was able to get back to work about a week early!”—Full-Time Nurse, Providence Regional Medical Center

Offer complete end-to-end care

conservative care

Conservative Care

Avoid unnecessary surgery with daily support whole person care based on the Five Pillars of Health.


Surgery Optimization

Optimize the member’s health, lower risk, and offer complete mental, physical and logistical support for surgery and recovery.

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